What’s next in AI scaling: a report on our workshop

What’s next in AI scaling: a report on our workshop

November 17, 2023

"Can AI progress continue at the same pace we’ve seen in the last few years–and should it? What are the bottlenecks to growth, and how can they be solved? What are the greatest risks?

These and other vital questions were explored at the recent MIT FutureTech Workshop on AI scaling and its Implications, held October 12-13 at the MIT Museum. The invitation-only event gathered more than 70 prominent computer scientists, engineers, and economists to discuss scaling laws and their implications for AI development, automation, and more.

Attendees listened to 15 talks covering different aspects of AI development and adoption. Speakers included: Pamela Fine Mishkin from Open AI; Eric Drexler from the University of Oxford; Dan Hendrycks from the Centre for AI Safety, and Jacob Steinhardt from UC Berkeley (See the full agenda here).

Neil Thompson, Director of MIT FutureTech and MIT IDE research lead, led a discussion on research prioritization so that new research projects can address some of the challenges identified.

IDE Content and Editorial Manager, Paula Klein,  asked Thompson and researchers, Tamay Besiroglu and Peter Slattery, to describe the day’s highlights and key takeaways."

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