Hrvoje Kukina
Hrvoje Kukina
PhD Candidate

Hrvoje Kukina is a PhD candidate specializing in applied mathematics, particularly in quantum reinforcement learning.

At FutureTech, Hrvoje is working on quantum machine learning, the computational complexity of quantum (chemistry) algorithms,and the application of quantum algorithms to unstructured search problems, particularly in analyzing specific DNA sequences within large genomes.

He is also a research collaborator and a former visiting PhD student at the University of Cambridge, UK (DAMTP, Isaac Newton Institute), where he worked ondeveloping new hybrid quantum-classical model-free and model-based reinforcement learning algorithms and their computational complexity.

Furthermore, Hrvoje is the founder and president of the Cambridge University Quantum Association and the hostof the Quantum AI Podcast (, which he founded at the University of Oxford.

Additionally, he was a recognised PhD student at the University of Oxford, UK, where he worked on his PhD thesis. Hrvoje conducted research inthe Engineering Science department and at Magdalen College, focusing on deep reinforcement learning for quantum device control.